BBC Bitesize Finance Fun

The BBC have recently commissioned 6 x 5 min video’s that provide, in a fun and frenzied way, some excellent financial survival guides. Each video follow a family of Zombies, and teach how to make the most of your money, highlighting the pitfalls that may come your way, whilst navigating the world of credit and […]

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Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing

Yesterday, the amazing  Shakespeare Schools Foundation came into school to teach some of our Year 7 students about finance. After arriving in their minibus, 50 Year 7 students took part in two  1 1/2 hour workshops, about earring, spending, saving and investing. The team started by checking out what the students knew already.  Many knew a little […]

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Financial Stewardship

Thanks to Moneywise, £1500 has been donated to the school to teach financial stewardship.  As with the Parable of the Talents, each student and member of staff is going to be given £1.  Your task is to steward this money over the next 12 weeks.  Are you going to bury it in the sand, or […]

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Securing your financial future

Hello and welcome to my money stewardship blog. Over the following months I hope to inspire students, helping them understand the basics of earning, saving, spending and investing.  We will be learning from the feet of the financial greats, as well as trialling resources that are available to kids across the world.  If you become a […]

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